Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two Poems by Kevin M. Hibshman

Walking to the Candy Store With Kyle
Autumn here.
Dull grey
light fighting it out with heavy
slow-moving clouds.
Clouds winning mostly.
Kyle limping.
Some kid injury.
The kind only kids get.
Youth forgives them completely.
Few folks out.
Nearly a ghost town and that is
how I like it best;
Being a phantom,
Haunting my own head.
These streets talk too fast
about a past I cannot believe I lived.
There are witnesses who choose not to be present
and to remain silent.
The candy store exacerbates my pain.
Decadent youth like a fallen city,
cannot be built again.
I feign a smile, a laugh, knowing all too well this candy would kill me
Law of the Tribe
As I twist my broken neck,
Select one more glance at the frothy past,
a thin layer of film seems to burn off my eyes.
Inarticulate gesticulation ruled back then.
We wore dysfunction like a tribal tattoo.
Hearing just now (this time) words no mouth formed.
You stammer idly by freedom's torch flickering in your eyes.
I stammer my attempt at logic.
Put the lightning bolt from my side.
You were so unbelievably awkward as you tried
passing things on to me.
I died rolling sky over sea,
sea over sky.
Drowned in thin air.
It was the law of the tribe.
Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems published in numerous magazines and journals over the past
decade and a half.  In addition, He edits his own poetry newsletter: FEARLESS and has authored thirteen chapbooks of poetry.  The latest, INCESSANT SHINING is currently available from Propaganda Press.  Kevin received a BA in Liberal Arts from Union Institute And University in 2010.


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