Friday, March 8, 2013

A Poem by Neelam Shah

A breath of fresh air

The feeling of freedom,
The endless struggle forgotten,
No more polluted air,
Gliding in the midst. I sigh with relief,
No anxieties, no worries,
A brand new journey awaits,
With the helping hand of a,
Breath of fresh air.

I feel a cool but pleasant sensation,
That touches my cheek, leaves me at,
Ease and peace with the helping hand,
Of a breath of fresh air.

Beyond the past I set off, awaiting an,
Brand new future.
A time to revitalise, to reenergise,
A time to declare myself, reveal the truths in an,
Heavenly atmosphere with the helping,
Hand of a breath of fresh air.

I am at a different disposition in life,
To revolutionise and adjust with,
The helping hand of a breath of-
Fresh air.

Let go of the struggles, welcome,
Upon new opportunities, smite,
All battles that come in my way,
I strive to gain victory with pride,
only with the helping hand of a-
Breath of fresh air.

Stepping outside the house,
Living every moment to moment,
Seeping in the hours, days, months,
Years with great anticipation,
I couldn’t have done it without the,
Helping hand of a breath of fresh air.

Neelam Shah is a second year International Relations with Media Cultural Studies student at Kingston University.  She is passionate about creative writing, Journalism, writing and research.  Her hobbies include blogging, reading, photography, traveling, volunteering, visiting museums and exhibitions and playing badminton.

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