Friday, March 22, 2013

A Poem by Duane Locke


Sometimes, rare times, what happens
Is wanted. Most times it’s not wanted. Then the mind becomes
A playwright and writes an Aquinasque scenario about
Azure birds uncaged to fly in pale gold atmospheres.

Now from a crimson corpulent sofa two silver strap sandals.
Her skin uplifted by ankle bones is scribbling history.
The indigo shadows that follow the feet’s mobility
Will be the covert causes of overt events.
But the chronicle’s facticity will feature a fiction.

Duane Locke lives in Tampa, Florida near anhinga, gallinules, raccoons, alligators, etc. He has published 6,701 poems, includes 29 books of poems. His latest book publication, April 2012, Is DUANE LOCKE, THE FIRST DECADE, 1968-1978, BITTER OLEANDER PRESS.  This book is a republication Of his first eleven books, contains 333 pages. Order from, Or Amazon.

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