Monday, March 11, 2013

A Poem by Joe Massingham

The Mind

The mind is Odyssean,
ceaselessly searching, seeking answers ,
finding ways round, going off on new
explorations, tenacious in finding what
it’s seeking and as soon as that task’s done,
starting on another.

Travelling so much, far and wide,
often with no map to help it and
little idea of which is north or south,
it’s bound to get into difficulties
from time to time.

Pounded and battered by the blows from
Scylla and Charybidis,
at low tide likely to be washed into the mouth
of some Platonic cave, puzzling over
what is reality and what illusion.

It has a wicked sense of humour,
delighting in deceiving us, leading us
astray, smirking at our discomfort whilst
being careful not to cause us too much
distress deliberately.

Never sleeping though never wasting effort
if it can help it. It comes with us on
life’s journey and only stops when we do.
If ever you get an invitation to an Olympian
feast you should give it to your mind.

It’s earned it.
Joe Massingham was born in the UK but has lived the second half of his life in Australia.  Major employment has been as a Navy officer, university student from first degree to PhD, tutor, lecturer and Master of Wright College, University of New England, NSW.He has run his own business but because of cancer and heart problems he now spends time waiting to see medical practitioners, writing all sorts of things and smelling the roses.  He has had work published in Australia , NZ , UK , Eire , USA , Canada , India , and Nepal .

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