Monday, March 4, 2013

Three Poems by Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber


Who can insert curved needles?
Stitching silent heart
Starting every morning
Standing endless hours at night!

Imprisoning self in pristine place
Opening chest by sow
Facing heart cutting
Fountains of arterial bow

Cutting… stitching… knotting!
As if is endless race
Cutting what? The heart…
Stitching what? The heart…

Valves, veins, arteries in hence
Looking to beating heart...
Frightened, for endless hours in raw
Stopping the beats, by scientific law

Starting endless stitches by hair tread to straw
Closing fleshy heart, shocking- to beat re pulse
Silent heart can’t feel what happened in bypass
But surgeon’s heart in by pass-no one counts his pulse!

That’s heart surgeon’s life
Every day new lesson in the same class!
Can every man understand the fame and fuss?
They can be saints, but become insane in jazz!


Heart is in beat
Can never rest
One minute fast
On minute slow
Continuously on go

Heart is in beat
In love indeed
In feelings
That never ends

Heart is in beat
One can not feel the beats
Until love speaks and asks to seed
After seed grows reaches giant plant
It slows in beat...slows

Heart is still in beat
Drunken wine of life
Wants to recede
I feel no beat!


Hands speaks the man
Hands in hearts revive new life
Hands build’s towers of man
Hands is the God of man

Hands breathes the man
Hands hold the gesture up
Hands creates every tine
Hands is the life of man

Hands that writes
Hands that plays
Hands that carves
Activating desires of life

Hands deliver newborn alive
To give him breathe giving the care
To grow to a man and have the hands
To recreate survive building many hives

Remedied by scientific hands
To alive failed hearts
If can’t the spirit will fly
Hands will sand the man

We pray to every child
To have hands that speaks
Creates designs
Give gifts to life

Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber (Sylva-MD-Poetry) born in the East, immigrated to the West. She is a pediatrician trained in England, who has had articles published in several well-known medical journals: The Lancet, Archives of Diseases in Childhood, Tropical Pediatrics, Annals of Genetics (Paris), Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseases and Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery.  She has presented her medical publications at international medical conferences. She started rhyming at age seven and discontinued after specializing in medicine. Recently she was able to start poeting once again; she has released fifteen collections of poetry in less than a five-year period. Each book breathes a genuine, passionate new poetic story that may be modified to a humanitarian theory.  She writes in three languages: English, Armenian and Arabic.  She is the winner of the Carnegie Prize for poetry, Spring 20

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