Friday, June 1, 2012

A Poem from Michelle Gaddes

The Night Owls Curse

It is so still outside.
Not an ear to whisper to --
worshipping cat, ever by my side;
the highway sounds, mechanical, lonely
into the unwelcoming night.
A bottleneck echoes from crumb-clogged keyboard
and its dull beat alludes to pending black period.
Only a child will ask the questions; pure
honest ones that rip the heart into burley.
Little faces void of ceramic battle and
beath of blade.  Byzantinian sacking subdued
with baths of bubbles and confused laughter.
Sweetened with melancholic wash, the
slightest key, a surprise, will rise once more;
hopefully in time, before the night owls
curse.  When they call, it is time.

Born in Sydney, Michelle Gaddes is a poet who lives on the far south NSW coast, Australia.  She teaches histories for the University of Wollongong, NSW.  Her poetry compilation, Pariah, is available from Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide, Australia.  She is currently the far south NSW coast 'Cafe Poet' for 'Australian Poetry.'

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