Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Poems by Colin James


Urgency is still used
as an aphrodisiac at work.
The worthy are transported
through the back lots of depression
known to propagate like goosebumps
at the inference of touch.
No need to flail,
we're all ingenious here.
Dramatic posteriors
dip in and out
of the steward's stem.
We could have a whip-round,
the outermost hand
grabbing what it can,
laboriously passing it back
to the centrifugal figure.
Rectal red, getting whiter.


Baby, no use pretending
you don't have that sour night breath.
Kierkegaard of the neighborhood,
lambaster of the necessary.
Be thankful for
your far-out itinerary.

Colin James has poems forthcoming in Nazar Look and Eudice...........

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