Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Poem by Pearl Ketover Prilik

Here you are from womb whirling to mountaintop majesty
Wandering, wondering, wondrous, laughing, slip-sliding
Infant dimple fingered hold on that slice of eternity
In the years tumble, tempest-joy-uncertain-clear trek
Always in soft certitude of the light of stars - sparkling
With a clear true flame - born under, carried within and
yours to share - from first blink of fathomless eyes
reflecting the mountaintop from where you came, from
where you now stand, all pinpointed celestial eternity behind
ahead and shimmering within you, this day, as each day
forward flooded filled with all - from first drop of sweet milk
to sting of bitter herbs upon the tongue, whirling, floating
aquamarined waters to iced-arctic whitened snowflakes
whirling from infant milestones to the crack of a bat vibrating-
beasts gentle lumbering, emotion-swirl beginnings, incomprehensible
endings rolled in burgeoning intellect -until your own
first shimmering thoughts coalesced writ- read
reflecting something beyond, yet within, familiared comfort-clear,
life-love flowing up each step of whirling, womb-walk,
footfall steadied with each tumbled year, to stand here today
on the mountaintop eyes filled fathomless deep as at that first blink at the
whirling tumbled tempested wonder of it all spread before, around
and within you in timeless kaleidoscopic shifts of endless configuration
Enjoy the journey and the unexpected vision of mountaintops without acme
Revel in strong legs to climb, clear eyes to see, and the wondered whirl writ
in unique imprimatur whorled in your infanted dimpled fingered tip reaching
from then mystic manifestation, whirling through the considered now, into
this mindful moment - breathe the clear cool air of your mountaintop of your
horizonless forever
(Dr.) Pearl Ketover Prilik is a freelance writer and psychoanalyst. She has had three nonfiction books published on the subject of step/parenting. PKP, as she is known in the online poetry community has written since early childhood. She continues to pursue the butterfly of the elusive satisfying novel that will evoke a collective sigh from the Universe (or a large part thereof), having had two completed novels read and passed most graciously and personally by a major publishing house. PKP has lived in the Virgin Islands, birthed one child and loved three into present adulthood, been a teacher and in a penchant for continued learning, garnered a Masters Degree in English Secondary Education and continued on to another Masters in Social Work, a doctorate in Social Welfare, with a published dissertation, and a four-year-post-doc in psychoanalysis. Daughter of an artist - she was schooled from infancy to listen and express the images that music and nature and all sorts of stimuli evoke. From early childhood, PKP wrote, journals, short stories and poetry; poetry was the primary language of her thoughts and world view. She believes that poetry most closely approximates the way in which humans think in a multi-leveled diaphanous manner rather than along the constraints of linear thought that are required for understandable speech of coherent prose. Pearl Ketover Prilik, has been writing actively on a daily basis online for the past four years; she has had poems published or accepted for publication at: Sea Giraffe, The World of Myth, Sprout Magazine, Poets For Living Waters, and has edited two international poetry collections: Prompted, An International Collection of Poems (12/2011) and Beyond The Dark Room, A International Collection of Transformative Poetry (in press late summer 2012) both of which were collective endeavors with a group of poets known to each other through the online poetic community most of whom originally met at Poetic Asides, A Writer's Digest online blog. Pearl Ketover Prilik, lives on the South Shore of LI, NY. USA with the clichéd, but nevertheless accurately described true, best-friend husband where she continues to write poetry daily, edit those waiting novels, and maintain a private practice in psychoanalysis. More poetry and other writing by PKP can be found at her blog “Imagine” http://drpkp.com


  1. Pearl,
    I'm so happy your work is 'getting out there!' Whorled feels very empowering - as is reading your bio! You are always SO uplifting and encouraging of the work of others, that it is genuinely a pleasure to get a chance to devour your work. Congrats!

    1. Thank you Patricia - So many people respond to comments with a "so very kind of you" but truly I am deeply touched by your opinion of me. Much appreciation.

  2. An excellent example of your brilliant work, Pearl. Well done!

    1. Ah Misk - Wow... "brilliant" will get any of us - any time - you got me today! Thank you so very very much :)

  3. Pearl, I could see the "horizonless forever" of your infant soul as it wandered in the whorling world you have created here. Images roll against each other and slide in a very pleasing way to create this vision. I love so many I couldn't possibly put them here, but very well done my poetic friend!!! I am very proud to know you!!! Also, your bio is outstanding and exactly like you!!!

    1. Aw Barbara - your comment is a poem in itself - "images roll against each other and slide in a very pleasing way" ... wow! ... Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      Your words go deep and will stay with me - perhaps on a horizonless forever.

  4. Pearl, so wonderful to see your work here!!

    1. Thank you Laura - gentle steps as you might say ... gentle steps... :)

  5. Oh my! I am speechless - and for me that is quite something :) Thank you all - your words mean so much - (and I am very much red-faced over the "story of my life" masquerading as a bio - but red faced is appropriate for Pyro! Truly - thank you all I am so very deeply touched.

  6. Pearl, to read your work is to get lost in words; floating, flailing, finding purchase before flitting away toward other images that filter through the mind, dropping bits of themselves as they go.

    Truly an experience never forgotten. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

    1. Thank you, much appreciated - I must say that your comment too - is a poem in itself! All good things :)

  7. This is intense, Pearl. And beautiful. Love the double play in the sound of the title. Excellent.

  8. "Wandering, wondering, wondrous, laughing, slip-sliding / Infant dimple fingered hold on that slice of eternity" Wonderful sound and movement! This poem reads like a meditation. Lovely work, Pearl!