Monday, June 4, 2012

Three Poems from De Jackson

How to Write a Poem in Saltwater

Tremble pen.
        Dampen page.
Keep an eye on the moon;
                             tides vary.

Of falling stars, candles, copper pennies, dandelions, eyelashes, wishbones

If you look very closely at my star-spilled heart, where
I hold and hide hope's last flickering flame,
could you fathom this fountain, toss something in, begin to
have a part in blowing breeze across my edges, scattering
just one seed, one tiny blink of a promise?  Take
one side and crack me in two, hold tight.  Make a
       wish.  Come, true.


Stop all the clocks.
They tick
me off,
and running
with their smiling faces
and their busy hands.

Throw in the towels.
They hang
dry no tears,
wipe no years
from these old
tired eyes, trembling smile.

Grab at the straws.
They suck
the life
out of these bones,
fingers casting stones
until one finally breaks
that stupid camel's back.

De Jackson wanted to be a PoetPiratePrincess when she grew up, but is slowly settling into the role of mom/freelance writer.  She writes advertising copy, runs gleefully with scissors and plays well with poems . . . when she can coax her mermaid muse onto dry land.  Her heart beats best when accompanied by inky fingers and salty toes.


  1. They are all beautiful De! Love the flow andhow you tied everything together with "Synchronicity"

  2. So DE! I'm glad your talents were shared here. It is always fun to DEvour your poems.

  3. Nice work, De. I especially like Of falling stars, candles, copper pennies, dandelions, eyelashes, wishbones.