Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Poems from RjB

Survey Says

Surveys and questionnaires of mass media hype
Want to group us together as a typical stereotype,
Sure we're alike but the same is a crazy notion,
The difference of our perception is vast like an ocean,
Likeness may appear but assuming to know why,
Means we didn't communicate and that don't fly,
Communication is the key to unlock the human mind,
To sever the ego from assumptions that bind.

Sound of Life

When your song is ended and you play your last note,
You will hear my music and the lyrics that I wrote,
When your play is over and you say your last line,
Will you take your bow or realize you are still in mine,
When your eyes finally close, and your fear rips you apart,
Will you see the messages I sent, you felt with your heart,
When you leave mother earth and the love here is left to roam,
Can you say you did all you could, to make earth feel like home,
My child, my angel, life on earth is short and can seem unfair,
I only crucified one son, to prove my love for you, that I care,
The blatant injustices of life are there to reveal the path of love,
Since the miracle of your birth, ever step, is a step to heaven above,
When you awake to the truth of faith and the misery of your family's strife,
Teach the children of the divine origin and how we are all connected in life,
My love is forgiving on earth, never ending, and I need no name,
All I want is for my children, my angels, to know they're all the same.

RjB is a garbageman by day and a poet by night.  He has three children that are his life.  RjB resides in a small Canadian town.  He writes to provoke thought and intends no more, as the hearts beats within, the words freely pour.

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