Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Poems from RjB

Angel Light

When you reach the cross roads in a stage of your life,
The stress of a decision can seem to cut you like a knife,
Oh my how do I know what to do; do I trust my feelings inside,
Do I take control and do what has to be done for the ride,
Sometimes it hurts to do what feels so right,
It is worth it; are my feelings worth the fight,
A worthy question to answer with a damn straight,
That's not being selfish so don't take the devils bait,
Take the path you feel has the most love; love's not always seen,
Trust in yourself and your spirit for your spirit is the divines go between.

Angels Land

This land was to remain whole and not meant to divide,
We've created nations for evil to dwell in and hide,
Now is the time we see the mistakes made in the past,
The irony of our Christian beliefs no longer can last,
Open your mind so that you may feel loves connection,
To see the error to have loves kids divided into sections,
It is never too late to right a wrong,
Just that it's been wrong for so long.

Bound Angel

Ask the right questions and you can crack your mind,
A treasure chest full of wonder is what you will find,
And an Angel full of anger for being kept in a bind,
The Angels energy shatters the Ego that's been unkind,
Your eyes finally see, you are no longer blind,
Your life energy soars, as it is no longer confined,
You feel my truth as our lives are forever entwined.

RjB is a garbageman by day and a poet by night.  He has three children that are his life.  RjB resides in a small Canadian town.  He writes to provoke thought and intends no more, as the heart beats within, the words freely pour.

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