Monday, January 18, 2016

Two Poems by Will Burton

Once I Lost Myself, Now I think of You

You engage me as worthless
Harnessed by power locked in the depths of your shadow
Domineering I start my whimper
Soul destroyed
Upon that same action
Decisively you fill me with a love
The crucifixion process begins
Your majestic heart and corrupting smile albeit umblemished, nails me tight
Happiness chokes rendering space
Room for a pause
consciously you tease my insides
I watch you in moments for which I cherish
Times like these are mine and mine alone
My love
With welcoming crunch
I feel you ruminate
In public places fulfilling essential private needs
You're there
Sluggishly stealing this earthly duty
With matters set in fact
I feel for you
Eagerly I walk this road well traveled
As I make journey to drawer yet another breath
Wincing with a fluttered blink
You appear
So as I feel--not too bad
My focus becomes less sharp
Accepting surrender
I renounce even Martyrdom
As you invade further space
Of course--I must allow
Reaching from the self same bed you made at my blinkered eye
The unnerving splendor you know you own
That love
It or you
God knows
It or you tugs beyond my throat
Bearing no choice
I allow once more
You view these broken pieces that gave this heart function
Birthing nothing
No more no less
I forget
A wry smile, an unnoticeable expansion of the chest
A thought of you
Gifting I a present
The best gift one could hope for--being placed in any moment
Gratefully time did stop
That time I thought of you
It became worthless and so did love
I lost myself
I think of you

Dancing with Death

Watch the soul dance
Gyrating twists for a theatrical life
A gallery of fear
Eyes littered with disappointment
Yet somber blank

Relentless and sparing in appearance
Possessing a rigid stance
Standing somewhat tall
Shadowed by cumbersome endeavors
Enticing fear
Restricting friendship

The heavily placed arch journeys his back
Well earned
His own God -- A tree root
Control panel operative
Maneuvering a cathartic stare
A child's migration to the floor
Fatigued by existence
Burdened with failure
Aspirations and aims
No Encore No More

Will Burton is a young professional from the North of England, he writes and performs poetry regularly.  He is currently working on publishing his own book of poetry & prose and is hopeful about being published in 2016.  

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