Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Five Poems by Erren Geraud Kelly


a touch
awakens the
inner child
long years of
spin a web
out of your smile
to lure me in
again and again
we are diverse extremes
through soul

Mary Jane and Red Roses

she pictures the red roses
the diver sent to her house
only the roses are in metairie
and she's in new hampshire
her mama called and told her
they had arrived
even from 2000 miles away
her mama's voice is a slap
across the face
a finger wagging admonishment
but her mother knows the old
ways are dying
her mama sees mixed couples in
at the movies holding hands
emmett till would be proud
she knows if mary jane is not
she succumb to it like a disease
she tells mary jane about the roses
which are as red as blood
and tells her one last time.
"don't ever talk to that boy again!"
mary jane writes the diver a letter
tells him, it cannot be
maybe someday she won't be like
the rest
but for now, she's society's child
mary jane sprays the letter
with her scent, a rose scented perfume
which will be a stake in the diver's heart
she seals the letter, a final kiss off


Who is one of god's
Whose name is sweetness
In miles' muted
If you could catch the wind
She would be perfect
In her eyes lie


Even mozart would fail
to create a
Melody that personifies you;
under your red hat
is a head of spring,
though you speak winter, you
Linger in my thoughts,
like a ghost, long after you've gone
Your buttocks shapely
and luminous as a full moon

Like the Eyes of the Sun

Like the eye of the sun, you rise
And another day begins; the tide pulls its blanket back, and you
Yearn for the daylight, to give you wings; you blow
Lustily into your heavenly horn and the sound erupts like
A cry from your heart, you shake your jean-clad butt

Along with the heat-soaked beat; it is night now, this song is
Never ending; it can take you anywhere, from New York City to Rio to Mexico City, it
Gives you a tune and you will make it true
Urgently, you shake your body like a maraca
Long and fast, until you become the moment
Oh the pleasures, the curves you and your horn give;
As you play in the eye of the sun

Erren Geraud Kelly is a Pushcart nominated poet from Seattle, and has been writing for 25 years and has over 150 publications in print and online in such publications as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine (online), Ceremony, Cactus Heart, Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and Other Publications.

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