Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Poem by Dylan Sonderman

Simultaneous Resignation:

Union and solidarity
Inspired by vulnerable glances, intuition, and
Chanting road anthems in the break room

Before we hightail it, though,
My restless companion feels quite keen
On informing the boss man
Exactly where he can stuff it

Rejects cashier employment
For free rides to fairy tales and
Simple matter, career growth
Minimum earnings wage far too full

Tearing off our uniforms
Nude save our shoes
We scamper exposed from verdant streets
Toward wildwood groves

Two stride away from the brick, eyes ahead
His shoes muck the earth, determined
Mine crunch the gravel, but
Neither's hands claw corporate ladders

We vaguely believe in native sunlight
Worshipping in a heap under a faithful star
Piled in our leafy villa
As interstate trucks gun by

At last, we leave our shoes behind
To let our feet weep trails of blood
So that lost steps might someday
Carry us to home

Dylan Sonderman has contributed to the Burr, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, and Luna Negra.  When not reading or writing, he lives to play music and sing.  He currently writes for AltOhio.

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