Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Poems by Giuseppe Infante

so many roads
cement roads
over luscious swamps
endure florescent
lit bells banging
inside of cranium
put a dollar in my hand
and i’ll give you a dream
ralph waldo emerson
clad in a droopy toga
explained that a work of art
is an abstract
or epitome
of the world
a result
an expression of nature,
in miniature
empty cans
against a green fence
laid the fuck out
we are all linked in
panama canal
and if you can’t swim,
find a life raft
or humpback whale
back to the highway
swift rage for this great world
gone are the days
in bigfoot country
dark as a tumble
or a run
back back home
saccharine in sight
we ate eggs
around swirls
thunder and toast
aglow ill evil skies
till my tale
my tune
my kismet
loiters beside
a lithosphere
of lava

Giuseppe Infante was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. His poems have been published in Brooklyn Paramount, Pulp, Downtown Brooklyn, Having a Whiskey Coke With You, Splinter Generation and By The Overpass. Giuseppe is one of the founding editors at Overpass Books ( While completing his MFA for creative writing at Long Island University, he won the Esther Hyneman Award for Poetry in 2012. You can find him reading poems to the Atlantic Ocean, playing roller hockey, dancing in the crowd of a Phish show, or home cooking with his wife, Sarah. Visit his website “ANYTHING GOES // with giuseppe” at to keep up with his escapades.

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