Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Three Poems by Janet Rice Carnahan

A hardened density,
Only knew one constant,
Silent present force,
Not at all inspired to uncover,
Anything unlike it,
Fearful of the slightest revelation,
Subtle hint of any underbelly,
Of light, throwing it off,
Its cautious balance!
Alerting anything deceptive,
To its nature,
Dark and foreboding,
Moving about in the mystery,
Holding onto all in tight resistance,
Given the unknown aspects,
A life beneath the radar,
Ensuring its quiet slip,
Into hidden still realms,
Not calling for discovery,
Threatening its rise to the surface,
Hesitant of impending exposure!
Darkness that lay in wait . . .
Only for itself.
Reflecting nothing overt,
It sat poised in perfect splendor,
Gazing out freely,
Easy assumption that nothing,
Different would appear,
On a horizon laid bare,
Purposeful of a continued possibility,
Essence of the familiar,
Ending all consideration,
Any unknown substance,
Would wander in,
Arriving to come forward,
Questioning any current reign,
Signaling a wide spread dominance,
Pertaining to clarity,
Revealing purity,
Exuding calm,
Giving into an expansive vista,
Reassurance filled the air,
No waves of perturbing energy,
Even remotely forming,
A varying concept,
Until the awareness came,
From here . . .
There was nowhere to go.
Imbalance became ignited,
Creating movement,
Through a sudden awakening,
Like some giant deep welled river,
Springing to life,
After a lingering dry spell,
Suggesting extinction,
A most likely certainty,
Yet timing secrets of earth,
Remain buried in the rusty pages,
Of unexplored time,
Now with a determined surge,
Brought to life,
A balance seeking energy,
Driven by a bold necessity,
Searching quick and assured growth,
To answer a deep cry,
For a united blend,
Most primal taste of the familiar,
With a ready reminder,
That one without the other,
Will lack any true impetus . . .
To change!
Janet Rice Carnahan freely allows her muse to search any body of water for inspiration, preferring the California coast, Lake Tahoe and the Hawaiian Islands. She has written about the human experience for many years after earning three college degrees in related fields. Along with her two children, Courtney and Scott, her husband, Bruce and a large California family, her many experiences provide rich material to draw from for her poetry. Janet’s recent publications include, “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, by RLYB, December 2011 and two online places to submit poetry, “Jellyfish Whispers” and a previous publication of“Pyrokinection”. In addition, she had a photo with caption published on the cover of the anthology. For Janet, poetry brings her wonder of life into moving and heartfelt expression.


  1. Beautiful, Janet. I always, always enjoy your work.

  2. Vividly written description of the poles and the need for both to interact to bring about change ...

  3. An amazing trilogy! I love this idea and the beautiful words and strong images. Great poem!!

  4. Thank you, De, Pearl and Sara! Such beautiful words you all shared! I am glad the poems touched you in some way! :)

  5. Nicely penned trilogy Janet; I like how the first two seem to feed off each other and the third gathers up the threads and makes them whole ... well done.