Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Poem by Joe Massingham

The Great Wall of Silence
The first wall kept out invaders
seeking spice, silk and porcelain.
This second wall’s a ring that
keeps people ignorant, compliant,
the old wall’s fortresses replaced
by watchtowers in cyberspace.
Joe Massingham was born in the UK but has lived the second half of his life in Australia.  Major employment has been as a Navy officer, university student from first degree to PhD, tutor, lecturer and Master of Wright College, University of New England, NSW, Australia.  He has run his own writing and editing business but retired early because of cancer and heart problems and now spends time waiting to see medical practitioners, writing poetry and prose and smelling the roses.  He has had work published in Australia, Eire, India, NZ, UK and USA.

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