Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Poems by Agholor Leonard Obiaderi


Like cells
dividing. One splits , then
multiplies into

the phantom of our
separate lives.

My house, your
house creating more
vacant rooms that
increase the conflict

without revealing the

The wedding ring has
been melted to craft a
golden trash can.

The children don’t know
whose cheek to kiss
without drawing accusations .

Whose house to keep
their school bags , spend
the weekend, spend their loyalty.

We bump along
a once promising road.
Rocky stretches, winding
paths replace hope.


Same as climbing the
back of a bullet
to zap through
space no wind buzzing
my ears.

Gases nudge my backside,
zero gravity
weightless limbs, weightless
thoughts reach

the destination before
the space shuttle. I see
God’s work-table, bits
of clay scattered.

My mind and civilization
fly in opposite directions,
one forward into space the
other backward into time.

I seek the first
footprints in inter-galactic
sand. The first dinosaurs
are preparing their own lift-off,
jumping off cliffs
to land on the earth a
far-away splash in
the virgin ocean, to startle

God startles, as
our shuttle lands. Roused
sleep, anger at
the invasion of his

This futility;
is it a search for my
elusive self, or another
failed re-union of

Agholor Leonard Obiaderi is a High School teacher in Delta State, Nigeria. He considers himself a collector of poetic imagery as well as an avid lover of the written word.

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