Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Poems by Kanchan Chatterjee

stopping by
around mid-day
the bus stops
at the motel…
I sit inside
and look out
through the broken
window pane...
a lonely cow munches cardboard;
a backdrop of baked landscapes,
mountain ranges
or maybe dunes;
from a distance they all look the same
I eat in silence and wait…

a moment captured
looking out the moving window
I see an old fellow
sitting under the
shadow of a
Coca-Cola hoarding
by the dried up river
catching his breath...

Kanchan is a 44 year old male executive working in the finance department of government of India. Although he doesn't have a literary background, he loves poetry and he scribbles as and when he gets time or inclination. Some of his poems have been published by Indian publishers, namely, and Indus Valley. A few of his poems have appeared in some e-magazine and journals from around the world such as hauntedwaterspress, Oddity etc.

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