Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Poem by Louis Marvin

Zenny Kenny-Grand Ideas on Caffeine

in the palm of my hand lies the universe
in my mind lies the tranquility you seek
do not speak and blast apart that which is perfect without your mundane thoughts
lie quietly and let the universe of this room surround you
you who yearn for something that is not here and not now
you who want something that brings fleeting happiness
go away from us, as we are happy with this bee, this tree, this bird
go away and look into a solid gold watchband
you will see a distorted face that was once yours
the universe lies quietly in my hand
I blow it to you like a feather
like a child’s bubble that will never break
it lands softly in your palm
do not crush it with a false handshake
do not salute fellow officer and let it fall to be crushed under boot
let it lie quietly
this universe now in the palms of our hands
Louis Marvin, Born in Burbank, Raised (hell) Phoenix, Living/Loving in Hawaii

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