Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Poem by Darren C. Demaree


Poem For My Unborn Thomas #55
Used to pulsed blood, just wait
for the reliance of your own flush
to raise the rushing tide of marriage
within your own risky stream
& what you choose to pluck
from the maroon cascades. You
will want to have such great energy
when you feel the magical, brave
push to be alive, frightened
& in your mother’s arms all at once.
There is no poetry in your blood, son,
but the call to high spirit is your right.
Darren's poems have appeared, or are scheduled to appear in numerous magazines/journals, including the South Carolina Review, Meridian, Grain, Cottonwood, The Tribeca Poetry Review, and Whiskey Island. Recently, Freshwater Poetry Journal and Blue Stem have each nominated him for a Pushcart Prize.
His first full collection of poetry, tentatively entitled “As We Refer To Our Bodies” is forthcoming from 8th House Publishing House this fall.
He is currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and daughter.

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