Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Poems by Joe Amaral

Queen of Carcasses
Scurry little princess
Pink and pretty
Entitled with money
See-through fragile tutu
So high and mighty
Sitting properly upon
Your cardboard throne
Scepter of false gold
Burger joint crown
Bejeweled by crayon
Revolt ye underling servants
Jester, serf, lady-in-waiting
Feast on the bones of
The rich bourgeois
Off with their heads

Human Houseplant
Lines scar
thin paper pastures
Wriggle like river etched landscapes
as the drizzle of a tear sleds off my cheek
Following unknown gravity along
mountainous paths
Demon-hearted volcano funnels
I quit the upward climb
My soulflower wilted, drowned via
the watery entrapment of a glass vase
Clear-viewed for all to observe my opaque demise
Clipped trees bow their heads in sympathy,
a synchronicity of sobs and sawn timber
I peer out my prison at the ordinary faces
Curious and confused, ignorant but sad
Their fear resides in the perfume my petals echo
Strangely quixotic, old intoxications
I let my pieces droop off
One by one
Knowing freedom is an outdoor burial

Joe Amaral is a paramedic who spends most his time spelunking around the California central coast, though he is an OG raised in the San Francisco East Bay Area. His poetry and short stories have appeared in many literary journals and print anthologies, including A Handful of Dust,, Carcinogenic Poetry, Certain Circuits, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Eclectic Flash, RED OCHRE LiT, and Underground Voices. He also has pieces published internationally via Decanto Magazine, DIOGEN, Litro, and Taj Mahal Review.

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