Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Poem by Ashok Malli

The Mother

I bow in reverence , respect, love 'n' gratitude;
For giving me the precious, coveted gift of life,
Even today the dusty 'n' thorny paths I salute;
On Which you had tread painfully in the dire strife.

You taught me always to bravely 'n' confidently smile---
And calmly walk thru every raging ,tearing storm,
And I picked up from you the nuances 'n' guile;
To weather the rough rides without any qualms.

You tossed me up alarmingly in the cold airs,
To dispel all my disturbing phobias 'n' fears;
When I cried you hugged me to your bosom;
With your sacrifice, love 'n' care I fully blossomed.

And from you I have learned to live always happily 'n' love;
And you are perched in my heart 'n' soul like a white dove,
You are the epitome of all the soft, tender loving passions--
Without you my life would be in shambles 'n' without reason.
 Ashok Malli is a freelance poet and lives in New York. He is a teacher who has published poems in and world poetry movement e- zines.

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