Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three Poems by David Subacchi

Wood Pigeons

Wood pigeons as fat as chickens
Have been our companions
For so many years,
Waking us each morning
With their monotonous calls,
Perching on TV aerials,
Scratching through guttering
Asserting authority

When we shout angrily
Or wave our arms
They cock their heads
With an air of superiority,
So we feel like scarecrows
That have failed
To demonstrate competence

Wood pigeons as fat as chickens
More confident than eagles
Intimidating our garden
Claiming it as their territory,
Flying without fear
Treating with disdain
Any attempt at opposition.

Witch to Witch

The black pointed hat
Is ludicrous,
The ragged cloak
Beneath contempt,
The ugliness of my face
A vindictive insult,
The broomstick
On which you say I ride
A preposterous fantasy

My head is often uncovered
I wear what you wear,
My looks are not unattractive
I drive a sports car
Sometimes a limousine
From place to place
Observing the Highway Code,
I break no laws
My mind is free and clear

Why would you have me
Casting incoherent spells
A scapegoat for all disasters
Babbling vulgar incantations,
Communing with the devil
Inscribing runes
Binding waxen images
Esoteric, secret,
The stuff of teenage fiction

Look into the mirror
I return your gaze,
My eyes are as open
As the thoughts in your head,
Speak my name
In a whisper if you must
I will not betray you,
We are bound together
Witch to witch.

Next Time

I wore a grey suit
With blue shirt
And narrow tie
To be professional
But relaxed

You managed it
Much better
In floral top
And slacks

We started
With pleasantries
Chose a quiet table,
I said "It's been awhile"
Collected the menu
Like a clerk
Would fetch a file

I knew what
I wanted anyway,
You did too
You didn't have all day

So we had "lite bites"
Washed down
With wine
Some coffee
To finish off

You paid the bill
I said "Thanks"
Got your text later
"It's your turn
Next time."

David Subacchi lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots.  He studied at the University of Liverpool and his two poetry collections First Cut (2012) and Hiding in Shadows (2014) are published by Cestrian Press.  He writes in English, Welsh and sometimes Italian.  You can find more information about David and his work on

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