Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Poem by Jude Neale

One Cleft Moon

The pretty girl's neighbor drank her beauty like wine

Kept her in his breast pocket for slow days

when he danced with her silhouette
to the tune of the Tennessee waltz

Alone behind curtains he imagined her waist
fitting into the crux of his arm

and she said bring me more than I asked for

So he carved a cleft moon into her bedroom door
protecting her from dreams
of others creeping into her world
without permission or regret

He gave her a red ribbon to tie back
the noose of her gladness
Stroked her black coil of braids
that fell like a tar bridge across his fence

She danced in the twilight with just her shimmery whimsy
so bright was her gossamer shift of unequaled shine

The pretty girl knew all the words to his songs
and reached out to show him the keen flutter
of her vermilion possibilities

Her kindness flooded his rear view mirror
where he never looked back to see her

caught like a butterfly cleaved to a pin

Jude Neale is a Canadian poet, vocalist, spoken word performer and mentor.  She published frequently in journals, anthologies, and e-zines.  

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