Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Poem by Kacper Niburski

Night Drools

Night drools
onto a day
that pisses onto
the night that was
different than the last
for the sun now splotches on the horizon
and tries to hide from the land,
or maybe just me,
while I search for my name
in the sky and in the
caramel colored clouds
forgetting the fluffs
do not know the alphabet
or that I wish
for messages in nature
to nurture my messages
instead of rain and thunder
that drowns all

Kacper Niburski doesn't want you to think he has made it, even though he's made it here and here has it made better than there where he currently is:  clawing through a Master's degree like an amateur and hiding creeping baldness with hats.  Find his work here:

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