Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Poem by Inna Dulchevsky

The Day After Day After Day Then Again

Summer runs away
I hunt for its tail
But it slips
I've failed           again

It was not a tail
But veil     of memories
Recall its feelings
Slipped through my fingers
Into a pelagic zone

From fear to love
From love to fear     then back
Sex     no sex      sex    again
Desire and tears
Anger and bliss
Chills visit the tips of my hair

A day-long meditation
Standing ovation for a
Quintet of senses is muted      again

My presence is a slight poetic
Somewhere   nowhere     then back
In the present

Don't let me forget how to breathe
In-and-out     in-and-out        again
Then back


Breathe now

Inna Dulchevsky spent her early school years in Belarus.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.  She was awarded the First Prize 2014 David B. Silver Poetry Competition.  Inna's work has been published in numerous anthologies, books, and journals including Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, Petals in the Pan Anthology, book Laveder, The Cannon's Mouth, The Otter, New Poetry, Calliope Magazine, Aquillrelle Anthology, 4th annual Lummox Poetry Anthology, Antheon, and is forthcoming in Element(ary) . . . My Dear Anthology and Calliope Magazine Anniversary Issue.  Her interests include metaphysics, philosophy, meditation and yoga.  The light and expansion of consciousness through the connection with inner-self and nature are essential in the writing of her poetry.

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