Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Poems by Stephen Jarrell Williams


I'm exhaling an old mirage
ghost in the desert heat

a woman I loved
her see-through veils
flying in a gathering dust cloud

stripping in a whirl
teasing just out of my reach

wishing I could sleep
in the soft white sand of her breasts

these last days with her revenge
my bones disappearing with a mere wave of her hand

nibbling at my heart... like I tortured hers.

Last Words

She pours sand over my closed eyes
patting me on my unmoving bare chest

humming her favorite song
not mine on such an occasion

cold night encompassing us
her feverish air over my drying skin

grabbing my genitals she squeezes
a death grip

whispering into my ear
words I've longed to hear

her forgiveness.

Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to write in the middle of the night with a grin and grimace and flame in his heart.

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