Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Poem by Joseph Ek

I gotta "make up my mind."
makeup... my mind.

with lipstick
and powder
and rough black mascara

Gotta make it up.

Gotta fictionalize it,
falsify it.
make it a story,
make it a lie.

cant make it down,
No dont destroy it!

fasterStrongerSmarterOH FUCK!
make one. a decision, I mean. you have to.

make it up.
Joseph Ek: the unnatural male, well, Joseph Ek is a veiny purple flower with dirty blond hair, sexual, of course, though happiness for Joseph Ek arrives in many strange and fleeting forms. Joseph Ek is no artist, Joseph Ek can be reached at, Joseph Ek loves everyone, Joseph Ek experimentally hopes for the best, Joseph Ek prays for your unsafety.

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