Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Poems by Amanda Clark


Sandy's swirling round in
New England.
She's hovering above
preparing for the attack.

There's a storm already inside
of me
thrashing down trees and
warm tropical winds
two days before Halloween.

An hour ago I was advised on

The same echoed sayings,
'don't take behaviors personally,'
and 'leave work at work.'

This conversation was directed to the group,
but I listened closely to every word
and let the thoughts flood my world.

I receive verbal abuse
from youth
who live inside storms

I receive verbal abuse from
writers who defend their craft
at all cost from my edits
(suggestions rather that need to be author approved)

I sit outside
and watch the rain
thinking of irony.

My intentions to help
get lost in the storm
of insults.

It would be easier
if I held no emotion,

if I could shake off the rain
and leave the droplets

Detach myself from
all, turn off that emotional switch,
prepare to go to sleep.

Instead, I filter the storm.
Channel my winds
through jogging around the
living room while doing laundry.

And then of course,

I type this poem.
The Editor Inside
The tortured souls are at it again,
reading the criticisms and questioning their existences
“So you want to be a writer?”
I can hear Chanaski’s voice
and picture his ghost,
he’s surrounded with
the misfits of the world
they’re clinging to him like hungry leaches
who have finally found something to suck on
who have finally found blood.
With my writing
it is as though my insides
have been taken out of me
and wrapped around my skeleton,
there are no more secrets,
every part of me, revealed.
Who are you to judge my soul?
Amanda Clark currently resides in Woodsville, New Hampshire. She teaches English and Social Studies at an alternative school in Bradford, VT. She is the author of three previous books of poetry, all of which she considers to be, “chapters of her life,” including, Looking at the Moon, Flying Fall, and Beautifully Mixed-Up World. She was also a contributing poet for The Litchfield Literary Review. Additionally, Clark is the founder and editor of Steady Moon Press, a publishing company dedicated to poetry.
Clark graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She also graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. Additionally, she has studied abroad in Spain, Italy, and New Zealand. Her previous vocations include social work and outdoor education. Clark's poems have been distributed to classrooms, art galleries, libraries, and various newspapers. If you would like to contact Amanda, email her at:
Her website is also available at:

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