Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Poem by Linnea Harper

Ooh La La La
For myself, having thought on important
topics, I fear the practice has done me little
good, there is so much I can’t remember
and the rest has been imagined away.
But stay. We may yet discern
some value in this communion.
Let us delve together into the dusty
stacks where memory and invention
meet and make amends
until we are one with the cadence
and the voices we have found
turn to honey in our mouths
the tea is hot, and the toast
pops up in perfection.
coda: When engaging in any brouhaha
          from writing to dancing the cha cha cha
          I don’t like to bring
          too much brain to the thing
         I like living on love and ooh la la la

Linnea Harper lives on a tidal slough on the Oregon coast, near the mouth of the Alsea River. Her poems have been published here and there, including in CALYX, and she has been a finalist for the Bunchgrass Prize. Before she was a poet, she was a social worker, and before she was a social worker, she was a poet.

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