Friday, April 12, 2013

A Poem by Michael Lee Vaillancourt

Psychodelic Oblivion

It's the thin line we walk between reality and the infinite which
allows us to see what they had told us could not be true. Close
your eyes and imagine with me for a moment the end... but
beware, for your dreams have been the peephole to the future
and reality is only tomorrow's nightmare.

Serenity has been stolen by night's relentless obsession and
so we play the fools on this tragically sinking cloud. Starry-eyed
and grief stricken, though seemingly immune to the pain we have
found our place of reconciliation and newborn virginity as our
fathers wash our world away with their endless floods of tears.

Minions will be crushed and the masses will cower. Only by
unifying our consciousness may we shed our fears and as one
admit to the inebriation of our souls which no longer have a
choice but to be lost in the wreckage of an unborn dawn and
accept the admittance of a new age of authenticity and
universal prosperity.

No longer must we take our lives in the name of sadness, but
re-invent and revitalize ourselves as we shower beneath an
array of falling stars which share our understanding. Only then
may we finally unmask the universe to see it's pure intentions
and endless possibilities, opening the door to the rebirth of

Be strong, stay true to yourself, and hold on to faith.
May the Great Spirit's blessing lift you unto the next realm.

Your descent into Oblivion has begun...

Never forget who you are...

Who we were.
Michael Lee Vaillancourt is a retired rock musician from Chicago currently residing in Las Vegas. His musical background includes working with several grammy winning multi-platinum recording artists. He is currently writing his memoirs and hopes to have them pubished in the near future.

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