Saturday, July 20, 2013

Two Poems by Judy Hall

Open Fire
I first noticed his ears
Which were too large for his head
And seemed to hear whispers
His hair was trimmed closely around
These olive ears, olive skin
So unpale against my freckled blueness
Dark where I am light
I get these passing fancies  
Obsessed with dusky collarbones
My mind going somewhere
Into some experimental fire
My carnal world is a rich inferno
Embroiling my bare skin
Setting alight my sugary heart, an
Erotic crème brulee
My own world is in conflict with the world without
My lascivious nature is what the psalms warn men of
Women like me have always cause consternation
Chastised for salaciousness –
Edicts are made about women like me
I will not be possessed;
Absolutely feline in nature, no one can discern my name
Only my lover knows how to entice me back home,
Both content with my humors,
My desire to be petted and then left alone.
So call me what you will as I take in the oliveman
Take him in as I please –
My body is my own;
My lover knows my mind and loves
The fullness of my flame.
A Poem from the Editors
Dear Ms. ___________________
Thank you for your story.
We aren’t saying that it sucks
We are just saying that it doesn’t fit with our vision.
At this time.
We know spent hours on this story.
It’s obvious that you craft your stories well.
But George didn’t like the father, and we think it may be that he has
Daddy issues himself, but we won’t say that,
And Rachel thought you needed more scenes
With less dialogue and more description of the
Hospital room because we just couldn’t see it, you know?
When you say that the tubing hung around him like slithering snakes ready to strike
Are you implying that the juxtaposition of the snake to his head was like the birth of Christ?
Because we didn’t see that.
Please send us your work again,
Please use our online submission machine
Please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a year
There’re only us and two grad students here.
Yours truly,
The Editors
Judy Hall is a teacher of English both at the high school and college level.  She has a Masters in Literature from Rutgers and is an MFA candidate at William Paterson.  She's been previously published in Outsider Ink.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, a very stupid cat named Vladimir and an evil cat named Tonks and a number of unnamed fish.


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