Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Poem by Elysabeth Faslund

Cleopatra's Victory
This Nile goes on forever. Before, beyond gods.
The gods gaze once. I am almost gone.
Sipping this chaliced Nile would make me eternal sand.
Sands of eternity are forever.
I will be in forever.

Who was Isis, beyond salvation for her brother, Osiris.
Who was I, beyond sarcophagus for Ptolemy.
Only lotuses ask, swarming banks of this Nile.
Only lotuses answer lavender voices.
I will be in forever.

Raise this chalice to my lips, then. Antony is dead.
Raise this Nile to flood legend over the world.
Lay my head up to see gods' turned backs.
Lay Roman legions under my feet.
I am forever.
Elysabeth Faslund lives in Theriot, La.  International, professional poet, changing with the times, but not the place.  25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico is not a place to be for the beginning of hurricane season!  See ya'll around FEMA way!  Send salami, as there'll be no place to spend money!!

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