Sunday, July 21, 2013

Three Poems by Christopher Kenneth Hanson

Soon Lit Doves
Void, where my heart lay bare
to the disconsolate sea- 
Vacant still weeping- 
By bridges made in sill, 
Or yonder:
By the night 
by the soon lit doves
in void where traffic utters 
of staunch fray- 
The callous vapidity-
ergo as stoned jive:
keeps some here muttering, intangibly-
seeking clouds of better debate 
Now void, the night by the soon lit doves. 
Bare to, the disconsolate hipsters- 
Vacant here weeping by bridges made of sill
So still to cry, the soon lit doves.
A Cemetery Of Daisies
A limestone statue of a vagabond saint; 
The Pacific Ocean breaks across shaded dunes- 
Lift gentle lips and pull through to tide 
Now, a stem of this tall tulip training With the candied orange tongue, 
And the fire engine red petal-of gleaming hues.
Rows of fresh picked daisies line her copper pockets as Karen runs to shore, her small feet slushing in the wet blanketed sand. I have seen her briefly And in her brilliance she would save
many of the dearest, Though too many here, have been laid to rest.
A Wayfarer, Cursory
Spence, sprawled at dawn- his pillow case, 
a bed of leaves Stuffed animals line much of this, 
{his open space}
One animal, Spence calls Tycoz, the tiger. 
He pets the frothy mane of Tycoz and exclaims- 
What a polite and precious lady cat.
Now- Spence may look up after a spell, 
And address a few other pets by his kind words-
     But what he could really use is some change.
Christopher Kenneth Hanson (ckhanson81)

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