Monday, July 1, 2013

A Poem by Brenton Booth

until the ashtrays march
until the green worms sing
until the autumn leaves combust
until the saber tooth tiger weeps silver tears
until the apartments grow extra rooms
until the notes scream, whisper and dance
until the sex is free
until the moon rolls down the highway
until the highwire burns to its death
until the books start talking again
until the bums sing hallelujah
until the sewers spit gold nuggets
until the invisible suburbs recite omniscient monologues
until the athletes are told to shut up
until the carpet sits on rooftops
until the chimneys throw out fat bearded men
until the mexican death masks smile
until the executioner cashes his cheque
until the politicians fly away in paper planes
until the editors see clearly
until black is white
until white is black
until blame is no longer necessary
until van gogh’s colours fade against the sun
until the bottles are dusty
until the bow pierces the tide
until the clock says morning
until she finally see’s me again. 
Brenton Booth resides in Sydney, Australia. Work of his has appeared in a variety of publications, most recently 3:AM Magazine, Underground Voices, Thunder Sandwich, Dogzplot, Yellow Mama, Unlikely Stories, Mind(less) Muse, Dead Snakes, and Scissors & Spackle.

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