Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Poem by Jeannie Fry

Dreams of the girl behind the coffee counter

In the days before I know your name
I will imagine all sorts of evolving things

Before your first smile
I will picture you are lonely
I like these days best as they afford me the ultimate rescue

I will think you've been abandoned by the most elementary forms of love
At first, you struggled alone to achieve it, years later
you learned to live without

Before you have noticed me
I will get to know you by tantalizing degree
One sugar in your black coffee
Same T-shirt on the weekends

So in love with the glottalization of your "thanks"

Jeannie Fry began her musical career playing bass guitar in the all girl band Bad Hair. She then toured with Bad Dream House as a vocalist before touring nationally with punk band Kitty Badass, ultimately landing in New York with several performances at CBGB's.   In recent years the singer fronted as well as composed music for the New York bands, The Happy Ending, White, and murder, representing genres from indie to noise. She first crossed into theatrical performance in the rock opera, Bulgaria, written by Kamara Thomas and then composed original music for Nina Morrison's Girl Adventure, at the same time developing her latest solo Electronica project, Embarazada.  She is appearing May 3rd and May 4th At Dixon Place in a theatrical production called Arrow In directed by Nina Morrison. All music for the production by Embarazada.

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