Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Poems by Sara Schmidt

Stayed Sentiments

Lips tore at lips in violent bites,
Nicking with bladed boasts in jaguar's kiss
A fervid frenzy of teeth and tongue
In a first and final claim
As the blast struck--


fire hair is tangled rage,
flaming feathers framing soft cheeks--
an ardent visage shadowed with coppery heat.
passion, lust, stinging desire--
waves of all-consuming presence--
burning dominion,
biting grace--
all encased within
florid filaments of red.


Crumpled pixie stix
Strewn across battered notebooks
Spill bits of crystal madness
Onto x = y, squared
She nearly inhales it as,
With a last scrawl of
Why Caddy is Faulkner's
Heart's darling--
Doubling the period with a
Dark graphite flourish--
She spies the glow
Of a sugar high sunrise
Just beyond the taffy wrappers
And coke bottles

Sara Schmidt is a writer from Missouri. A homeschooling mom, artist, wife and activist, she is the author of two supernatural erotica books at Changeling Press and has a third coming in June. Sara works full-time as a freelance writer and has written for dozens of publications both on and offline, including Life Learning Magazine, Teaching Tolerance, Short Fast and Deadly, Daily Kos, What the Dickens, wiseGEEK, Blink Ink, From the Depths and Ecorazzi.

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