Friday, June 7, 2013

A Poem by Brandon C. Spalletta


Amusedly, I take the wind by the hand
But it admonishes me, claiming my memory
More photographic than photogenic,
That I have rolled like Poseidon in winter,
Frozen the ocean like a tear and claimed victory
As a recluse on the move, going nowhere.

'I have not heard this sound,' sang the siren,
'You, who have taken the wind by the hand, amusedly,
And anchored with lightning a muse in the minds
Of all who care to dream when Sin glows
His glinting grin upon the waters of Acheron.'
Mine own voice doth shine in truer hues than thine.

The wind amusedly took me by the hand,
Admonishing itself, claiming the stars true to course,
Each syllable emanated from the throat
Of this nights Valhalla wizard.
A new constellation blinks into view.
It appears so close, like peace of mind.

Oddly, I cannot remember the last time I ate.
The cataclysm that is a new day crashes down.
Good morning.

Brandon C. Spalletta is a previously unpublished poet who lives in Chantilly, Virginia with his loving wife. 



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