Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Poems from Bill Jansen

regular bride

Medieval butterflies, or flies on medieval butter
block entrance to temple dedicated to Dedication
or the subsidy thereof,
then start a wave with stained glass wings.

Hellfire launched by a surviving Intelligence Officer
from our bunker in Desert Springs, California,
not far from the Tennis Tournament,
an interesting bagel or bugle on his desk.

The target back-dated, left to sparkle,
like gold earrings on a contrite mummy.

Then just kidding around with the right people,
s'blood, was that you Bernardo?
Now for the game, this time in...

The bride looking like a regular bride,
there amid the tractor parts.

invisible tyranny

later I am an earlier rocking motion
I got from a certain detachment
which had gone missing since arrived in Madrid.

the teleprompter snaps off the dream
and I clear my throat
to deliver the revised message.

--dear Senoritas, Providence clings to the gekko
in the room with two ceilings.

this puts the people loitering on the plaza
in the mood to kick each other in the shins.

then I'm appointed the Supreme Judge of Madrid.
but they forget to tell me
and I continue to hide the shadow of a fly
from the post card police.

Bill Jansen lives in Forest Grove, Oregon and has work published in
The Centrifugal Eye, Cirque and other ezines.

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