Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Poems by Anthony Ward

Bridge at Giverny

Monet’s bridge
In flagrant with colour,

Melting into the mind
A disarray of reality,

Licks of chromatic flames
Incinerating convention,

Enraged with passion,
Consummated by consumption,

The combustion of fragility
Ever fervent.

My world’s been flattened
With the sun shining below the surface

Leaving me perplexed in darkness

The moon spotlighting my evasiveness
As I hide myself away.
Anthony tends to fidget with his thoughts in the hope of laying them to rest. He has managed to lay them in a number of literary magazines including Enhance, Drunk Monkeys, Speech Therapy, Turbulence, Underground, Jellyfish Whispers, Ginger Piglet, Torrid Literature Journal and The Rusty Nail, amongst others.

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