Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Poems by Sy Roth

Righteous Forfeiture

He brushes the sidewalks

Corn-husked whisk broom

Swishing mechanically back and forth

Vestiges tattooed to the earth.

Twinkling in the distance

A starred greeting

From some niche in a snow-capped mountain

Indelicately greets stony flesh.

Noxious air rises there in the morning light

Virtue tumbles indelicately with the man.

The sweeper toils around him

Pausing only to spit at the ground

And to peer at the dew-hazed sun’s

Failure to warm the ground

Except in the steaming pond

Pooling at his feet.

Neighbors tupping neighbors

In their revulsion song.

She bent indecorously over a table

Liquid eye watching drifting flakes of ash,

He hair-steering her toward limbo.

From a corner comes a Babel of rutting heaves.

Sara melts

And a mewling cry

Seeks her ululating lips.

The cleaner bends to his task

Cursing the ground

Deaf to the wails and staccato chatter of

The apes swinging rampant among the ruins.

Sara, she whispers sadly.

Yevo, he silently shrieks back.
Spirits Dwell

Where silence exists,

They perch and conduct their monkish vigilance

Responding to every electrical discharge--


Flash of light.

Anguished cry of a childhood taken

Undulating in colossal waves

Brain flapped by lapping waters.

Dark-winged freeloaders

In miniscule hidey-holes, fusty garrets

Rest impatiently on high wires,

Ogle all newcomers,

Scrutinize their behaviors,

Memorize faces, and then

Signal that intruders encroach.

Swarming battle of crows

Dwelling in murky nooks and crannies,

Muddled phantasms, ghosts and Dybbuks

Sooted phalanxes,

Squawking congress of ebon islets

Black army arrayed on dying trees

Willful, gelatinous forms

Tangled uniluminated crawl spaces

Rolled in miles of remembrances.

The world scampers about blithely

While silent words and screams

Emerge from synaptic cataclysm.

Disrupt equilibrium

Like unwanted relatives,

Persnickety guests,

Taking up residence in the creases.

Night will emerge

With its unglad tidings.
Sy Roth is a retired school administrator and has finally found the sounds of silence and the time to think whole thoughts. This has led him to find words and the ability to shape them. He has published in Visceral Uterus, Amulet, BlogNostics, Every Day Poets, Barefoot Review, Haggard and Halloo, Misfits Miscellany, Mad Swirl, Larks Fiction Magazine, Danse Macabre, Bitchin’Kitch, Bong is Bard, Humber Pie, Poetry Super Highway, Penwood Review, Masque Publications, Foliate Oak, Miller’s Pond Poetry and The Eloquent Atheist.



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