Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Poem by Louis Marvin

Under a Full Moon
in flow under a werewolf’s full moon
glowing with cloud ghosts around it
standing at a beach park urinal
two big, black military droning bumble bees
crashed around a neon light
out to palm vigilant soldiers
guarding China Man’s hat park office
as the sun rises on lavender cloud banks that hug the ocean’s horizon
it is cold here now on the island
my neck is cold, my face and feet too
by noon we sweat and complain of the humid heat
we are just men who say “things” like:
Pink Martini and volcano.
If I could trade
If I could leave the chicken island behind
I would not.
louis marvin
on this pacific island with chinese girls
born burbank, lived phoenix, loe the island
teacher, coach, ex-soldier, writer/artist, tennis champion

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