Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two Poems by Roger G. Singer

Moving On

A song of devil dare forced a crazy going,
pushing back while hammering out a day swollen
with clouds and wind.

A broken night rumbled like passing trains
thundering through, heavy with rusted metal,
beating a rhythm without equal.

Lightening streaked, slamming the sky,
sawing the air with bold power,
blinding quickly and then gone,
moving on.

Night Quiet

A quiet horizon slowly absorbs
a flat bronze evening sky,
its edges melting into a dusky mist.

There were no low rumbles
or gusts of wind or clouds
forming and reforming;
a weighted silence pressed down
onto a solemn ground.

It was a moment of looking up,
wondering what would be next.
Preparing for change.  Waiting.

Soon, the bronze sky faded.
Silence continued.  Dusk yielded
into night, painting everything black.

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