Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Poem by Alan Catlin

Post Card to Church from Block Island Oct. 2012

Hey Churchman,
          Still think of you every time we
come here.  Rhode Island was your state,
Man, Providence, your home.
          I'm sitting on a bench overlooking
the Old Harbor, as usual, when I write.
The ferry has been and gone.  No one much
comes here this far off-season, anyway.
Only fishermen, painters and old poets,
like us, and their wives.
          Warm, clear blue, cloudless sky.
A great day to be alive.  I wish you were
still with us.  I really wish you were here.


Alan Catlin has been publishing for decades now.  Some days he feels like The Ancient of Days, other days, like The Old Man and the Sea.  His latest anticipated collection of poetry is Last Man Standing from Lummox sometime in 2015.

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