Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Three Poems by Natasha Ganes

Before the Bough Breaks

If I see him above me
testing the strength of a young willow,
fingers tapping the length of its tender lines,
I can catch him when he falls.

If I know the moment
popping leaves warn him to stop,
their veins stuffed with his weight,
I will hear his silence.

If I chase that tree first
and climb up before him,
to build a nest in its silver dripping branches,
I might find the place where he left me.

You Don't Have to Go Home Man, But You Can't Stay Here

Another day:
someone pays for words I want
them to read while you do
whatever you're designed to do,
I haven't decided what that is yet--
we never really got there,
too stuck digging darts out of the wall.

Right now:
I spin silver saucers of orange grease
that spill over the sides
onto my clean apron while you
tap your toes at the bar
waiting for the end of a shift that just started,
sucking strawberry margaritas through a straw.

a company will pay for words
I could care less about writing,
but what the hell it's a good job--a start--
only you will never congratulate me
because you didn't hear the oh-so-original
manager when he shouted:  last call

Intermittent Invasion

The toddler at table two who watches me
weaving through bodies, throwing down drinks,
squeals in delight when I rush by.
Funny, he doesn't usually take to strangers.

Avoiding his eyes because I can't shake
the idea they'll become ones I've seen before,
his chubby arms reach out to grab me.
Adam, leave her alone sweetie, she's busy.

A ridiculous coincidence, that same name,
but I must stop to stare into those drops
of blue I know too well.  He gurgles in greeting.
Oh look, he really seems to like you.

Half moon imprints draw blood from my palm
as I stagger off toward the next table.
Nice trick, the kid's cute but you left me first
and I don't believe in reincarnation.

Natasha Ganes is a cofounder of TreeHouse:  An Exhibition of the Arts.  She is a graduate of Chapman University in Southern California, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English Literature.  She received her BA in English/Journalism from Madonna University in Michigan.  Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Poetry Pacific, Muddy River Poetry Review,
quarter after, Elephant Tree, and Every Writer's Resource.  Her nonfiction has appeared all over the place.  Visit her amazon author page at

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