Monday, June 13, 2016

Laura Demelza Bosma

Home is Where the Wasteland

Far from fragile minds in a bandage
far from their city in ruins of dreams
a tortoise white as sand white as tortoise
in its day in a skin crawling over skin.

Open bay for the sea to float in
the skyline it's prayer hums
the same deep sound as everything.

Free from the broken fragile minds
tearing open each other's bodies
with contrary dreams.  Will we ever be

fulfilled in the unseen?  That close
to nothing, the horizon holds the glow
of sunset.  Before it gets dark a mother
pours her love down into her nameless
future daughter.

Life pours her self into no self
for tomorrow's blooming.


We go out in the child's eye that just woke.
We go out in the awakened eye.
It's brightness makes it hard to recognize
whether we are fine or drowning.
There seems to be no border here between this
and the other side, no time before gasping to breathe.

You take me into something
of this universe of timelessness.
Into the clear pond of our eye,
life's child.

Universe Dentist

I am a decanter in the shape of a woman.
The water is the same water
as is given to the whales as ocean,
wincing with life.

I am in the treatment room of the dentist.
Children point to the moonfish in my belly.
I am the moonfish in my belly.
Am the children.
The dead tooth of the mother.
The dentist filing it away.

Roots go deep into the gums like oceanic corals.
On the x-ray her skull lovably smiles a tunnel to palate.

There they fly:
microscopic little angels.

Laura Demelza Bosma won a  few Dutch poetry-prizes as a teenager.  This resulted in the publication of her own poetry volume, Zo vliegen de walvissen (Thus the Whales Fly), by Uitqeverij Holland in 2007.  In 2009, she finished Writing for Performance at the HKU art academy with a graduation script on surreal theater writing.  Laura has written for children's and music theater guided writing workshops and has been performing her poetry not only in spoken word but also as songs.  Since 2010, she lives in Austria where she became a mother, doula, and illustrates work for her partner's Taoist Poetry and her children's book about home birth.  This year, her first collection of English poetry, Deciduous Woman, will be published by Tandava Press.  For updates you can go to

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