Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Poems by J.J. Campbell

no reason to walk on egg shells

there are no
words that do
any amount of
justice for

ugly always has
a way of finding
a home in the
hearts of anyone
caught in the
of life

cancer eats away
at everyone at
some point

and there is no
reason to walk
on egg shells

we are all going
to end up broken
one day

broken more than

by more than one

by hook or by crook

death always finds
a way to win

nothing but dirty water ahead

when life
gave me

i looked
for another
fruit to pick

then there
was a

i told life to
fuck off and
decided to go
swimming in
the river

one of these
days i'll come

his time in the war

a thousand yard
stare and screams
that haunt any
chance you get
to close your eyes

my father would
never talk to me
about his time in
the war

i figured he saw
enough misery
that he only knew
to take it out on

my mother once
told me that my
father hoped to
die over there

i can still picture
his hands around
my neck

i almost take the
time to wonder
what life could
have been like
if his wish would
have come true

there's no point
to it now

he's busy taking
up space in the

but the demons . . .

J.J. Campbell is old enough to know better.  He has been widely published over the years, most recently at Horror Sleaze Trash, Misfit Magazine, Mad Swirl, Dead Snakes and Your One Phone Call.  You can find J.J. most days waxing poetic about some nonsense at his highly entertaining blog, evil delights.

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