Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Poem by Jennifer Circosta

When I Called Her Name

When I called her name,
Her breath-
           Lit up the face of night!
And a star,
          Sparked in her soul-
Turned her skin over
And saw life,
                                 --Through her bones.

And he,
He said,
The sky begins at your feet . . . 
And then he stole,
                      A glimpse-
                            Of her raw being

Jennifer Circosta is a truth seeker and artistic expressionist!  She is a poet at heart and author of life.  She is the published author of three books with a fourth one in development entitled, "Poems from Passion."  She has a degree in psychology and theater arts.  Jennifer serves the community as an emotional wellness coach, yoga instructor and energy therapist.  She offers innovative workshops in meditation, self-exploration, and healing for couples and individuals to support the greater development of their intimate, soulful-selves.  Currently, Jennifer is the creator and facilitator of, The Healing Project which is a community based support and learning initiative that focuses on two key aspects:  Self-Discover and Healing.

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