Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three Poems by Ken L. Jones

Who Can Shrink to the Size of?

Twilight is a shadow box
The winter wind stares at me with a cat's eyes
Wile I watch a Bela serial movie
That I got complete at the 99 Cent store for a buck
The rain wants to happen so bad
In awhile I will watch The Time Machine
For the first time since Rod Taylor died
Which will no doubt make me sad
On this morning not yet born
Which will soon disappear in a whirlwind of poems
As if they were their own kind of storm.

I Don't Remember the Sad Songs

Oh the nocturne of the rain is as uncharted as a full length mirror
That leads us to burnt red pastures that elongate out like stroboscopes
Past the Lost Dutchman skylines where a ladder made of moonlight
Becomes a wandering ballet in the rainfall of my memory.

Iowa Ghost Man

The night sky is full of dreams
Sculpted by the slow motion of fruit
That is ripening in the canyons of the Milky Way
And everything is shivering in oceans of ice cream trucks
With all the music of a summer's day
Vibrating across the sunlight's antenna.

For the past thirty-five years Ken L. Jones has been a professionally published author who has done everything from writing Donald Duck Comic books to creating things for Freddy Krueger to say in some of his movies.  In the last six years he has concentrated on his lifelong ambition of becoming a published poet and he has published widely in all genres of that discipline in books, online, in chapbooks and in several solo collections of poetry.  

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